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EFFE.I srl -Via Aldo Moro, 11/13 - 50019 - Sesto Fiorentino - (Florence) - ITALY Phone +390554211241 Fax +390554215122 VAT IT01981350992
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EFFE.I has been established in 1962, it is located 10 km far from Florence in an industrial area, easy to get and close to the best Italian forwarders.


In 50 years EFFE.I moved through all steps of PCB, from project to finished product. Workers and employees are skilled people able to provide customer satisfaction. Starting from electrical circuit, we develop both PCB as mechanical parts, we can supply just parts or assembled circuit with our partners.


In 2011, EFFE.I was completely renovated as logistics, equipments and not least at the corporate level. The historic property has been joined from experienced people bringing new motivations.

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